Australian films of
the first decade of the 20th century

The first day of the twentieth century saw Australia's six colonies become a federation of States, the Commonwealth of Australia, with official ceremony and attendant celebrations, and motion pictures were taken of these. Ensuing production of locally-taken films was initially on a small scale, but after the big exhibitors, such as Cosens Spencer, T. J. West, and J. D. Williams, became established and were showing large numbers of films from England, Europe, and the USA, the need for more local material was recognised.

Most Australian-made films in this period were actuality or "newsreel" items, showing important or attention-getting events of the day. Some state governments, and later the federal government, commissioned the production of films for propaganda purposes, specifically to show Australia's resources and opportunities for immigrants. By the end of the decade the newsreel had become established, and almost all the items from this time listed below are from newsreels.

For information on most of the fiction films of this period (and later) see the monumental work by Andrew Pike and Ross Cooper, Australian Film 1900–1977: A Guide to Feature Film Production.

For the first Australian motion pictures, from the last half-decade of the 19th century, see the earliest motion pictures filmed in Australia.

Motion pictures filmed in Australia in 1901 - 1910

N.B.: this list is not complete (but it's getting there). Some of the information below is provisional, and requires further research.

Film title or description
[* = a copy of (some of) the film exists]
Date of
Date of first public showing
Australian Federation ceremony and activities * 1901-01-01 Mark Blow  
Albert James Perier  
Joseph Henry Perry NFSA no's 8881, 65162, 429418
Robert Sandall NFSA no's 8881, 65162, 429418
The hits of Florodora:
Hugh J. Ward's eccentric dance
Carrie Moore's and George Lauri's burlesque of the Dart-ohs
I must love someone sung by double sextette
Tell Me, Pretty Maiden
1901-03 Clement Mason 1901-03-09
The Block, Collins Street, Melbourne, between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets 1901-03-09 Clement Mason  
Visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York * 1901-05 Mark Blow NFSA no's 19389, 106663, 106677, 229620
Stephen and Rupert Bond
Clement Mason?
T. McGregor
Joseph Henry Perry
Joseph Rosenthal
Tram ride along George St, Sydney 1901-05 Joseph Rosenthal  
Sydney Harbour, from Farm Cove 1901-05 Joseph Rosenthal
Melbourne fire brigade 1901-05 Joseph Rosenthal
Panorama of Thursday Island 1901 Joseph Rosenthal
Russian battleship in Australian waters 1901 Joseph Rosenthal
[Other films] 1901-05 Joseph Rosenthal
Cycling grand prix at Melbourne 1901? [Pathé Frères]
Convoy of cattle 1901? [Pathé Frères]
Place in Melbourne 1901? [Pathé Frères]
Fire at Anthony Hordern and Sons' Palace Emporium, Sydney 1901-07-10 [Several]
First Test Cricket match: England v Australia 1901-12 Mark Blow
Australian aboriginals' ceremonies and life 1901 – 1902 W. Baldwin Spencer
and F. J. Gillen
Scenic, information, and advertising films 190y Joseph Henry Perry  
Under Southern Skies
35 short films showing scenes of life in Australia from the start of English settlement until Federation
< 1902-08 Sidney Cook 1902-08-11
Yachting in Port Jackson 1903-01-31 Herbert Wyndham 1903-02
Collision between [yachts] Arawa and Australian 1903-01-31 Herbert Wyndham 1903-02
Thrilling capsize 1903-01-31 Herbert Wyndham 1903-02
Water carnival at Pyrmont baths 1903-02-21 Herbert Wyndham
Shamrock Brewery, Abbotsford, Melbourne, in full swing 1903 Millard Johnson?
Major Taylor winning his heat in the Sydney Thousand 1903-03-14 Herbert Wyndham
Victor Trumper at the wicket at the Sydney Cricket Ground 1903-04 Herbert Wyndham
Mixed bathing at Little Coogee 1903-04 Herbert Wyndham
[Other films?] 1903-04 Herbert Wyndham
Departure of Eight-Hours' Day procession from Trades Hall, Melbourne 1903-04-27 Millard Johnson
Port Fairy fishermen catching barracouta 1903 Millard Johnson
Melbourne Cup 1903-11-03 G. D. Radcliffe? 1903-11-09
Fourth Cricket Test Match competitors 1904-03 Herbert Wyndham
Cricket team captains tossing coin 1904-03 Herbert Wyndham
Commonwealth team going out 1904-03 Herbert Wyndham
English team coming off the field 1904-03 Herbert Wyndham
Eight-Hours' Day procession in Melbourne 1904-04-25 [For J. C. Williamson]
Procession and fancy dress football match, Tasmania 1904-08-17 Herbert Wyndham
Melbourne Cup events 1904-11-01 [For J. C. Williamson]
[Not Franklyn Barrett]
Gus Blanc winning woodchopping championship, Devonport, Tasmania 1904-11-30? Herbert Wyndham  
Rounding-up of cattle
Hereford cattle crossing stream at Ranger's Valley, NSW
Sheep mustering and shearing at Wellington Vale, NSW
Horses at Wellington Vale
Cows, and calves feeding
Buckjumping exhibition at Muswellbrook, NSW
Collins St, Melbourne from the roof of a cable tram
George St, Sydney from the roof of a tram
Sydney Harbour
Shipping and ferries at Circular Quay, Sydney
Yacht race
Woodchopping and sawing contests at Devonport, Tasmania
Gun drill by Naval cadets on Parramatta River
Kangaroo grazing
[and others?]
1904 Herbert Wyndham? For Australian Animated Picture Syndicate Ltd.
Views of Hobart 1905-03-23 T. J. West  
Scenes in Tasmania 1905-07 John Watt Beattie
Stanbury v Towns championship sculling match 1905-07-22 C. Spencer
Melbourne Cup events 1905-11-07 Herbert Wyndham? 1905-11-07
Franklyn Barrett?
Events at and members of Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Sydney 1905-12 John J. Rouse?  
Events at Perth Cup [won by "Czarovitch"] 1905-12-28 Herbert Wyndham 1905-12-29
Events at Exhibition Building, Melbourne * c. 1905   NFSA no. 267054
Hawkesbury River bridge 1906   1906-11
Adelaide Show scenes 1906-03-01 C. Spencer  
Adelaide fire brigade turn-out * 1906-03-02 C. Spencer NFSA no. 17333
Australians at a matinee
[Audience leaving Theatre Royal, Sydney]
1906-03-30 T. J. West  
Fire at Clarence and Kent Streets, Sydney 1906-03-31 T. J. West  
Living Sydney:
Turnout of the fire brigade [1906-04-09 10:15]
The Manly, Mosman, and North Shore ferries at Circular Quay
Redfern railway station [1906-04-07 09:00]
Anthony Hordern's Employees Leaving Work [1906-05-07 13:00] Cathedral, Town Hall, and Victoria Markets [1906-04-07 10:00]
General Post Office [1906-04-07 11:00]
Prehistoric Peeps at the Theatrical Charities Carnival [1906-04-07 15:00]
Street scenes in Sydney
Buckjumping contests
Students' procession on Commemoration Day
Parade of cattle and other scenes at the Royal Agricultural Show
Buns at Wirth's Circus
Holiday traffic
Pitt-street and George-street
The Governor-General and his escort
Living portraits of the Premiers of Australia
c. 1906-04 T. J. West and staff 1906-04-21
Woodchopping contest at Bendigo, Victoria c. 1906-04-14 Herbert Wyndham  
Collins, Swanston, Bourke, and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne
Moving Melbourne
1906-05-09 [For J. & N. Tait] 1906-05-11
Arrival of Japanese fleet, Port Melbourne 1906-05-09 T. J. West
(for J. & N. Tait)
The Block, Collins St; Smith St, Collingwood
Moving Melbourne
1906-05-12 [For J. & N. Tait]
March of Japanese bluejackets, Melbourne 1906-05-14 T. J. West
(for J. & N. Tait)
Chapel St, Prahran, Melbourne
Moving Melbourne
1906-05-14 [For J. & N. Tait] 1906-05-15
The Treasury, Melbourne
Moving Melbourne
1906-05 [For J. & N. Tait] 1906-05-21
King William and Rundle Sts, Adelaide
Animated Adelaide
1906-05-17 [For J. & N. Tait] 1906-05-19
Military church parade, Perth 1906-05-27 [For J. & N. Tait] Failed
Berthing of RMS Oroya at Fremantle 1906-05-28 T. J. West Failed?
St George's Terrace, Perth 1906-05-28 [For J. & N. Tait] Failed
Corner of Hay and Barrack Streets, Perth 1906-05-29 T. J. West Failed?
Review of Metropolitan Fire Brigade by Governor-General in Domain, Sydney 1906-06-02    
Living Perth
Hay and Barrack Streets, Perth
1906-06-04 [For J. & N. Tait] 1906-06-04
Views of Fremantle, Western Australia 1906-06-05 [For J. & N. Tait] 1906-06-06
Lawn tennis pennant matches at Perth Zoo 1906-06-09 T. J. West 1906-07-10
Carlton v Fitzroy football match, Melbourne 1906-06-09 For T. J. West 1906-06-16
Collingwood v Melbourne football match, Melbourne 1906-06-16 For T. J. West 1906-06-20
Tram along Hannan St, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia 1906-06-23 T. J. West  
Living Hawthorn * 1906 Johnson and Gibson NFSA no. 9124
The Story of the Kelly Gang * 1906 Johnson and Gibson Pike & Cooper no. 2
NFSA no. 50618
Hannan St and Golden Mile, Kalgoorlie 1906-08-18 Herbert Wyndham
Finish of Hampton Handicap
Kalgoorlie racecourse
1906-08 Herbert Wyndham
[Films at Brisbane?] 1906-08 –
T. J. West
[Various Australian locations] 1906 Herbert Wyndham
Hay, Barrack, Wellington, and William Streets, Perth 1906-09-11 Herbert Wyndham 1906-09-15
Tram ride along Sturt St, Ballarat * 1906-09-13   NFSA no. 33982
Australia v New Zealand Rugby football match, Perth 1906-09-15 Herbert Wyndham 1906-09-19
Perth v East Fremantle football match, Fremantle Oval 1906-09-29 Herbert Wyndham
Royal Agricultural Societies show, Melbourne c. 1906-10 Johnson and Gibson
Fun on the Ice [at Melbourne Glaciarium] c. 1906-10 Johnson and Gibson
Bill Squires–Peter Kling boxing match * 1906-11-06 Johnson and Gibson NFSA no. 7122
Melbourne Cup events 1906-11-06 [Several]  
Travelling shot of one side of George St, Sydney 1906 late   Shown in third act of the play A Path of Thorns
Excerpt from The Fatal Wedding
[Probably the Tin-Can Band scene]
1906 late   Shown at National Amphitheatre, Sydney
Views of Adelaide streets 1906-11-22 Herbert Wyndham  
Sydney Municipal Council elections 1906-12   1906-12-12
Bill Squires–Mike Williams boxing match * 1906-12-22 Johnson and Gibson NFSA no. 7122
Departure of Oonah and street scenes, Hobart 1906-12-26 Herbert Wyndham  
Films of Brisbane and elsewhere in Queensland 1906-12 – 1907 Sidney Cook
Living Bendigo 1907-01-18, -19 Charles Byers Coates
Tram ride along George St, Sydney * 1907 early For NSW
NFSA no. 106667 (and others)
Repetition of the "Oriental wedding" at Wonderland City, Bondi 1907-02-23    
Bashful Mr. Brown * 1907-03 Leonard Corrick 1907-03-09
NFSA no's 14486, 747585, 760807
Principal streets of Perth * 1907-03-09 Leonard Corrick 1907-03-09, 1907-03-11
NFSA no. 761273
Day – Postle races at Boulder racecourse, Western Australia * 1907-04-10 Leonard Corrick 1907-04-12
NFSA no. 739980
Fire at W. Sandover and Co's store, Hay St, Perth 1907-04-24   1907-04-24
Procession at Druids' annual demonstration, Sydney 1907-06-03 T. J. West
The Bauer murder and daylight diamond robbery 1907-06  
The Eureka Stockade * 1907 Charles Cornwell? Pike & Cooper no. 3
NFSA no. 229621
The rescue of Varischetti 1907    
20 minutes in New South Wales
Sydney Harbour: Heads to Circular Quay
Tram ride along George St, Sydney
Hawkesbury River bridge
Wheat fields at Tamworth
Hawkesbury Agricultural College
Sydney showground: shorthorn cattle and jumping horses
1907   NSW government films shown as one of
Hale's Tours of the World
Hawkesbury River and Bridge, NSW 1907   Manners and customs of Australia
Shown in USA in 1907-12
Street in Melbourne
Australian aboriginals; boomerang throwing
Emu farm; plucking feathers
Killing rabbits
Breaking in wild horses
Sydney: NZ v Australia football match 1907 T. J. West  
Sydney: NZ v NSW football match 1907-07-13 T. J. West
Brisbane: football pictures 1907-08 T. J. West
Cruise through Sydney Harbour 1907-08 Clement Mason? 1907-09-07
Cairns–Mareeba railway and Barron Falls, Queensland 1907    
Robbery Under Arms [Charles MacMahon's version] 1907-08 – 1907-09 Charles Byers Coates Pike & Cooper no. 4
Robbery Under Arms [J. & N. Tait's version] 1907-08 – 1907-09  
Kalgoorlie Hurdle Race 1907-08-31    
A trip to the Hawkesbury 1907-09 Clement Mason? 1907-09
Carlton v South Melbourne final at MCG 1907-09-21 Johnson and Gibson?  
[Perth city views] 1907 T. J. West
Dairying at Koroit, Victoria 1907-10 W. A. Gibson
Butter-making at Grasmere Butter Factory, Victoria 1907-10 W. A. Gibson
Grand National Show at Warrnambool, Victoria 1907-10 W. A. Gibson
Scenes of Melbourne Hospital life 1907-10 Baker and Rouse
Victoria Bridge and Queen St, Brisbane ≥ 1907-10 Sidney Cook Films of Queensland for Franco-British Exhibition, England
Ambulance Brigade at work
Ascot racecourse, Brisbane
Goat race at Ravenswood
Sheep and shearing at Westbrook
Hermitage State Farm
Dairy, cattle, poultry, etc
Harvest films
Lake's Creek Meat Works, near Rockhampton
Operations at the Mount Morgan mine
Sugar plantation at Bingera
Cairns; banana growing
Forestry in the Atherton Scrub
On the Cairns Railway; Stoney Creek Falls and Barron Falls
Films of New South Wales for Franco-British Exhibition, England 1907    
Melbourne Cup events 1907-11-05 Johnson and Gibson 1907-11-06
England v NSW cricket match 1907-11-22   1907-11-23
Blue Spec, Poseidon, and Solution [racehorses] c. 1907-12    
Surf bathing and rescue at Manly 1907 Clement Mason? 1907-12
Funeral of Kenneth McLeod of the Salvation Army * 1908-01-08   NFSA no. 16008
The History of a Loaf c. 1908-03 C. Spencer For Messrs. Abel and Co., Newtown and Sydney
Sydney Agricultural Show 1908 [C. Spencer]
[T. J. West]
Play on first day of Test Cricket Match 1908 [C. Spencer]
Aftermath of Braybrook, Victoria railway disaster 1908-04-21  
Corpus Christi festival at St. Patrick's College, Manly, Sydney 1908-06-21 [For T. J. West] 1908-07-01
For the Term of His Natural Life 1908 Jerdan's, Ltd. Pike & Cooper no. 5
Tram strike in Sydney 1908-07-25 [For T. J. West] 1908-07-26
Arrival of the American Fleet at Sydney 1908-08-20 Charles Cornwell
Edwin Geach
Jerdans Ltd
Joseph Henry Perry
[For T. J. West]
Governor-General receiving Admiral 1908-08-20  
Landing of the American Admiral 1908-08-21  
Procession through streets 1908-08-21  
Review of American sailors and Commonwealth troops 1908-08-21  
Welcome of NSW children to American Fleet,
and related activities
1908-08 [For T. J. West]
Tommy Burns–Bill Squires boxing match 1908-08-24 Charles Byers Coates and
Arthur James Guest
For Jerdans, Ltd.
The American Fleet at Melbourne 1908-08-31 [Several]  
Burns–Lang boxing match 1908-09-03  
Arrival of Governor-General Dudley at Sydney 1908-09-09 Pathé Frères
[C. Spencer]
S.S. Westralian in Swan River 1908-10-11 Bert Finlay
Eight-Hours' Day procession in Sydney 1908-10 [C. Spencer]
Fort Street Model Scouts at La Perouse, Sydney 1908-10 [C. Spencer]
Arrival of Lord and Lady Dudley at Melbourne * > 1908-10? Pathé Frères NFSA no. 99862
Melbourne Cup events 1908-11-03 [For T. J. West] Shown on 1908-11-03
Flag celebrations at Croydon, Sydney 1908-11 [C. Spencer]
BHP mine at Broken Hill, NSW 1908-11 Franklyn Barrett
(for Bert Sayers)
Bird life on islands of Bass Strait 1908-11 – 1908-12 Orizaba Perry
Events related to Burns–Johnson boxing match 1908-11 –
Ernest H. Higgins
and other(s)
Yacht Coronet and Sydney Harbour views 1908-11-29 [For T. J. West] 1908-11-30
Miner Ned Bullock at BHP mine, Broken Hill 1908-12-07 Franklyn Barrett?
(for Bert Sayers)
Burns–Johnson boxing match * 1908-12-26 Ernest H. Higgins
and other(s)
NFSA no. 16603
Six trains passing near Richmond station, Melbourne 1909 Pathé Frères  
Adelaide and its environs *
[View from and of train in Adelaide hills]
[Panorama of Adelaide city]
[Tram ride through Adelaide]
1909 Henri Hérault Pathé Frères film for the Commonwealth Government
NFSA no. 681
Hop picking in Tasmania 1909 Henri Hérault,
Hans Theyer
Pathé Frères films for the Commonwealth Government
[Real Australia]
Apple growing in Tasmania
Views of Russell Falls in Tasmania
Steam ploughing on the Huon River, Tasmania
Hydraulic mining at Grahamstown, New South Wales
Coal mining at Newcastle, NSW
Rabbit industry in Victoria
Harvesting in Victoria
Irrigation in Victoria
Australian cadets at Melbourne
[Parade in Alexandra Avenue; encampment]
Melbourne and its surroundings
Sheepbreeding and the wool industry, Queensland
[Shearing time on Fairbairn Bros' station, Claremont]
Dairying in Queensland
Wine vintage and winemaking scenes in South Australia
Government locomotive workshops at Islington, Adelaide
Horse racing events at Morphettville, Adelaide
Children's exercises, etc at Norwod Public School, Adelaide
Strike procession and meeting at Broken Hill, NSW 1909-01-10 Franklyn Barrett
(for Bert Sayers)
Strange Events in the Broken Hill Strike 1909-01 [C. Spencer]  
Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania races on Derwent River, Hobart 1909-02-20 Ernest H. Higgins
Fruit industry in Tasmania 1909-02 Ernest H. Higgins
Broken Hill express train leaving Adelaide for Terowie, SA c. 1909-02 Tott Burman
Trial of motor harvester at Willaura, Victoria 1909-03 Franklyn Barrett
Phantom railway ride on Derwent Valley line, Tasmania 1909-03-05 Ernest H. Higgins
Driving the first pile of the Glenelg breakwater, Adelaide 1909-03-13 Pathé Frères
St. Patrick's Day sports at the Agricultural Show Ground, Sydney 1909-03-20 Ernest H. Higgins 1909-03-22
NSW Governor and Cardinal Moran at St. Patrick's Day sports 1909-03-20 Ernest H. Higgins 1909-03-22
Governor-General and Countess Dudley at Royal Agricultural Show, Sydney 1909-04-07 [C. Spencer] 1909-04-09
Other scenes at Royal Agricultural Show, Sydney 1909-04-07 [C. Spencer] 1909-04-09
New South Wales naval forces: drill, inspection, marches, racing, etc 1909-04 [C. Spencer] 1909-04
Sydney express near Tallarook, Victoria;
Goulburn River valley
1909-05-21 Pathé Frères  
Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves, NSW c. 1909-06 Henri Hérault
(Pathé Frères)
Scenes in Adelaide 1909-06 Ernest H. Higgins
Deep-sea fishing [on Commonwealth trawler Endeavour] 1909-06 Franklyn Barrett
Hobart Regatta 1909  
Heroes of the Cross 1909 Joseph Henry Perry Pike & Cooper no. 1
Scottish Covenanters 1909 Joseph Henry Perry Pike & Cooper no. 1
Grand National Steeplechase at Flemington, Melbourne 1909-07-10 Pathé Frères
Sydney on the Spree 1909-07  
The Motor Boat Pirates on Sydney Harbour 1909-07 (George) Hubert Wilkins
Essendon v Prahran premiership football match, Melbourne
[Players training; the match; the crowd]
1909-07-31 Pathé Frères 1909-08-26
Skating at Earl's Court Rink, Brisbane 1909-07-31,
Alfred John Moulton
(for Pathé Frères)
Mac Robertson's manufacturing establishment, Melbourne 1909-08 [J. & N. Tait?]
Scenes at Queensland Jubilee Exhibition, Brisbane
[Crowd views; arrival of the guard of honour; arrival of Lord Dudley and suite; inspecting the guard of honour; opening ceremony; grand parade of prize cattle]
[Views of children's day activities; formation of map of Australia]
1909-08 Alfred John Moulton
(for Pathé Frères)
View from tram travelling along Queen St, Brisbane 1909-08-03 Stanley S. Crick
(for Pathé Frères)
Brisbane school cadets on parade 1909-08-06 Sidney Cook
Maoris v Queensland Rugby Union match at Brisbane 1909-08-07 Sidney Cook
Winter carnival at Mount Kosciusko 1909-08 [C. Spencer]
Labor Party members in gardens of Federal Government House, Melbourne
Caucus meeting in party rooms
1909-08-26 Pathé Frères
Federal Labor party candidates 1909-09 Pathé Frères
Whybrow's boot factory, Melbourne 1909 Pathé Frères Australia at Work series
Bottle-making industry 1909 Pathé Frères Australia at Work series
Coal lumping at Port Melbourne 1909 Pathé Frères Australia at Work series
Seal hunting at Seal Rocks, Phillip Island, Victoria 1909-09 Pathé Frères  
Opening of Brisbane Dingey Sailing Club's season 1909-09 Bert Ive 1909-10-06
Carlton v South Melbourne football match at MCG 1909-09-25 Pathé Frères 1909-09-27
Arthur Charles Frost  
Brunswick v Prahran association football final at North Melbourne Cricket Ground 1909-09-25    
Warrnambool–Melbourne bicycle road race (Dunlop Road Race) 1909-10-02 Pathé Frères  
Carlton v South Melbourne football final at MCG * 1909-10-02 Arthur Charles Frost 1909-10-08
NFSA no's 15855, 337588
Perth marathon 1909-10-09 Bert Finlay 1909-10-12
Life in the Royal Victorian Blind Institute 1909-10 Pathé Frères 1909-10-30
Views of Wyong and Tuggerah, NSW 1909-10 C. Spencer  
WA state schools' demonstration, Claremont showground, Perth 1909-10-16 Alfred John Moulton
(for Pathé Frères)
VRC Derby events 1909-10-30    
Melbourne Cup events 1909-11-02 Pathé Frères  
Events at Royal Show, Claremont, Perth * 1909-11-03 Leonard Corrick 1909-11-04
NFSA no. 48834
Bert Finlay 1909-11-05
Opening of the South Beach, Fremantle 1909-11-15 Bert Finlay 1909-11-20
View of William St, Bathurst, NSW 1909-11-22 Sidney Cook 1909-11-23
Bathurst cadets on parade
Events at Bathurst Turf Club spring meeting 1909-11-23,
Sidney Cook 1909-11-23
Opening of Newcastle–Bolgart railway, WA 1909-12-06 Bert Finlay?  
Fitzsimmons–Lang boxing match * 1909-12-27 Higgins? NFSA no. 14683
Pearce–Day sculling championship, Swan River, Perth 1909-12-27 Bert Finlay 1910-01-01
Perth Cup 1909-12-29 Bert Finlay 1910-01-01
Agricultural pursuits in Western Australia 1909 Bert Finlay  
Lord Kitchener's visit to Brisbane * 1910-01-01 –
Bert Ive NFSA no. 16772
Arrival of Lord Kitchener at Central Railway Station, Sydney 1910-01-05 [T. J. West] 1910-01-06
Lord Kitchener's visit to Bathurst 1910-01-10 Sidney Cook 1910-01-10
Railway accident at Claremont, Perth 1910-01-15   1910-01-15
Tobacco trades of Melbourne at play 1910-01 [J. & N. Tait]
Post Office picnic at Mornington, Victoria 1910-01 [J. & N. Tait]
The Kelly Gang * 1910-02 Johnson and Gibson NFSA no. 50618
Scenes in Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney 1910 [C. Spencer]  
Scenes in Adelaide 1910 [C. Spencer] Might include Adelaide fire brigade turn-out of 1906-03-02
The Life and Adventures of John Vane,
the Notorious Australian Bushranger
1910 Ernest H. Higgins
(for C. Spencer)
Pike & Cooper no. 6
Events at Hobart Carnival 1910 [C. Spencer]
Moorabool St wharf, Geelong, Victoria 1910-02-13 [J. & N. Tait]
Culwulla III v Sayonara yacht race at Melbourne 1910-03 [T. J. West]
Birth of a Coal City [Powlett River coal field] 1910-03 [T. J. West]
A trip to the Buffalo Mountains – Victorian Railways 1910 [J. & N. Tait]
Views of Castlemaine, Victoria 1910-03-12 [J. & N. Tait] 1910-03-18
Hawkesbury River, NSW 1910 Pathé Frères
Loading wheat at Fremantle 1910-03 Bert Finlay
Procession on St. Patrick's Day, Brisbane, Queensland 1910-03-17 Bert Ive? 1910-03-26
Harry Houdini's flights near Melbourne c. 1910-03-20 Pathé Frères
Japanese warships [Aso and Soya] arriving at Perth harbour 1910-05-04 Bert Finlay or
Tom McLerie
H.M.S. Powerful and H.M.S. Challenger at Perth c. 1910-05-06 Bert Finlay or
Tom McLerie
The Waybacks' Visit to Town 1910 Jerdans, Ltd.
West's Living Sydney [aka Sunny Sydney]:
Circular Quay and shipping
Lady Macquarie's Chair and the Botanic Gardens
Darling Harbour, full of craft of all descriptions
The Pyrmont Bridge working
Mosman's Bay
Views on the Hawkesbury River
Some of the chief sights on the Blue Mountains
Govett's Leap
Kanimbla Valley, from Medlow Bath
1910-04 Pathé Frères
(for T. J. West)
Picturesque Sydney [First series] 1910-04 [C. Spencer] 1910-04-21
Irrigation at Castlemaine, Victoria 1910 Pathé Frères 1910-05-17
Living Maitland, NSW 1910  
J. Enright's horse sale, Maitland 1910-05-10  
Suicide enactment at Melbourne 1910-05-19 Pathé Frères
Memorial ceremony for King Edward VII at Melbourne * 1910-05-20 Pathé Frères NFSA no. 14042
A busy day at The Argus [Melbourne newspaper] c. 1910-06 Henri Hérault
(Pathé Frères)
Australia at Work series
Catching seals in Tasmania 1910-06 Pathé Frères?  
Sturt–Port Adelaide football match at Unley, Adelaide 1910    
South Australia–Victoria interstate football match at Adelaide Oval 1910  
Forestry in Western Australia 1910 Tom McLerie
Picturesque Sydney [Second series] 1910-07 Ernest H. Higgins
Aftermath of collision between Duranbah and Cevic in Sydney Harbour 1910-07-15 [T. J. West] First Australian newsreel
Shown on 1910-07-21
Narromine v Sydney polo match at Kensington racecourse, Sydney 1910-07-16
Building in Sydney at Farmer's corner 1910-07
Sydney's storm, showing suburbs in flood 1910-07
Snowballing at Mt. Victoria, Blue Mountains, NSW 1910-07
Railway accident at Richmond, Melbourne 1910-07-18 Ernest H. Higgins
The Squatter's Daughter 1910-07 Johnson and Gibson
(for William Anderson)
Pike & Cooper no. 7
England v Australasia Rugby League football match 1910-07 [T. J. West] 1910-07-16
Yawl Pandora on world cruise 1910-07 [T. J. West]  
NSW v Victoria hockey match 1910-07
Winter sports carnival at Mount Kosciusko 1910-07
Boy Scouts' field day at Centennial Park, Sydney 1910-07
Sunshine Harvester works, Sunshine, Victoria 1910 Pathé Frères Australia at Work series
Mac Robertson's confectionery factory, Melbourne 1910 Pathé Frères Australia at Work series
Abbotsford Brewery, Melbourne 1910-07 Franklyn Barrett
(for Pathé Frères)
Australia at Work series
Swallow and Ariell's biscuit factory, Melbourne 1910-08 Franklyn Barrett
(for Pathé Frères)
Australia at Work series
[Film(s)] c. 1910-08 Edwin Geach  
NSW cross-country 5 miles championship 1910-07-30 [T. J. West] 1910-08-06
Departure of Zealandia for Vancouver 1910-08-01
Police stopping Rev. Schafer in Martin Place 1910-08-03
Collingwood v Fitzroy football match at Victoria Park, Melbourne * 1910-08-06 [C. Spencer] 1910-08-08
Part of NFSA no. 9525
A visit to Jenolan Caves, NSW 1910-08 [T. J. West] 1910-08-13
Slaughtermen's strike at Glebe Island, Sydney 1910-08
Saving the steamer Salazie c. 1910-08-10
Pearl fishing in Australia 1910 Pathé Frères  
The Royal Agricultural Show, Melbourne 1910-09 Pathé Frères  
[C. Spencer]
[T. J. West]
Loading the record wheat shipment at Darling Harbour, Sydney 1910-09 [T. J. West] 1910-09-16
Arrival at Sydney of Siberian dogs and ponies for Captain Scott's South Pole expedition 1910-09-09
Australasian fly-casting championship at Centennial Park, Sydney 1910-09-10
Arrival of the Dutch fleet at Sydney 1910-09-16 1910-09-17
Sturt–Port Adelaide football match at Adelaide Oval, Adelaide 1910-09-10    
Schools demonstration at Sydney Cricket Ground 1910-09-14 [C. Spencer]
Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society's Spring Show, Adelaide 1910-09-14 For Lennon, Hyman, & Lennon
South Melbourne v Carlton semi-final football match at MCG 1910-09-17 [C. Spencer] 1910-09-19
Sydney's motor boat speed race: Challenger v Fairbanks 1910-09-24 [T. J. West]  
Opening of the yachting season at Brisbane 1910-10-01 Pathé Frères
Dunlop Road Race, Victoria 1910-10-01 Pathé Frères 1910-10-03
Sturt–Port Adelaide premiership football match at Adelaide Oval 1910-10-01  
Eight-Hours' Day procession, Sydney 1910-10-03 Gaumont Co. Ltd.
[C. Spencer]
Sturt–Port Adelaide final premiership football match at Adelaide Oval 1910-10-08 For Lennon, Hyman, & Lennon 1910-10-10
Eight-Hours' Day procession, Adelaide 1910-10-12 For Lennon, Hyman, and Lennon 1910-10-12
Terra Nova arriving at Melbourne 1910-10-13    
Combined opening of season of Prince Alfred Yacht Club and
Sydney Amateur Sailing Club
aka Flagship Premier leaving Fort Macquarie ... *
1910-10-15 [C. Spencer] NFSA no. 126031
Skating at Wirths' rink, Melbourne 1910-10-15,
Pathé Frères  
View of part of Zig Zag railway, Lithgow, NSW * < 1910-10-16   Part of NFSA no. 46031
Henley-on-Yarra Regatta, Melbourne 1910-10-22 Pathé Frères  
Spencer's Pictures 1910-10-25
Thunderbolt * 1910 Alfred John Moulton Pike & Cooper no. 8
NFSA no. 66261
Moonlite 1910 Alfred John Moulton Pike & Cooper no. 9
Melbourne Cup events 1910-11-01 Gaumont Co. Ltd.  
Spencer's Pictures
West's Pictures
Scenes at Lismore, NSW
Lismore National Show
Marvellous Melbourne: *
Panorama of Melbourne from Eastern Hill fire tower
Richmond: a busy [railway] station
Along St. Kilda Road
Swanston Street
Melbourne Town Hall
St. Paul's Cathedral
Collins Street
Treasury building
Little Collins Street
Bourke Street
Federal Parliament House
General Post Office
Elizabeth Street
Exhibition Building
Law courts
Federal Government House
Queen Victoria Memorial
Museum and Art Gallery (with interiors)
Agricultural showgrounds
Fair barrackers at a football match
Yarra scenes at Studley Park
The falls
Flinders Street railway station
Princes Bridge
Shipping in the Yarra
Port Melbourne
Cloud and sunset effects on Hobson's Bay
Botanical Gardens
Flemington racecourse
1910 Ernest Higgins for C. Spencer 1910-11-22
NFSA no. 9525
Demonstration by Australian League of Girl Aids at Greenoaks, Darling Point, Sydney 1910-11-12 [T. J. West] 1910-11-20
Opening of St. Kilda Yacht Club, Melbourne 1910-11 Pathé Frères  
Garden party at Federal Government House, Melbourne 1910-11 Pathé Frères First Pathé's Australian Gazette
Shown on 1910-11-28
South African cricketers practising at Melbourne 1910-11 Pathé Frères
Scottish Agricultural Commission members visiting Messrs. Dalgety and Co.'s warehouse 1910-11 Pathé Frères
Victoria Automobile Club giving Melbourne children a treat 1910-11 Pathé Frères
Interstate lawn tennis championships 1910 Pathé Frères
Gaston Cugnet's failed attempt to fly at Altona Bay, Williamstown, Victoria 1910-11-26 Pathé Frères
It Is Never Too Late to Mend 1910 Johnson and Gibson Pike & Cooper no. 10
The first instalment of Australian [bank]notes * 1910-12-01 Pathé Frères NFSA no's 101255, 37992
The new freight steamship Cyclops * 1910-12-02 Pathé Frères NFSA no's 101256, 37992
At the opening of the Pakington St Infant School ... * 1910-12-08 Pathé Frères NFSA no's 101257, 37992
Test cricket match: South Africa v Australia * 1910-12-09 Pathé Frères NFSA no. 18471
The Australian torpedo boat destroyers Parramatta and Yarra reach Melbourne * 1910-12-10 Pathé Frères NFSA no's 101259, 37992
Opening of clubhouse of Motor Boat Club of NSW * 1910-12-10 Pathé Frères NFSA no's 18471, 70277, 395613
Swimming carnival at Glenelg, Adelaide 1910-12-10 Pathé Frères  
Funeral of Naval Lieutenant Robertson at Melbourne * 1910-12-12 Pathé Frères NFSA no. 18474
William Henry meeting Frank Beaurepaire at Spencer St Station, Melbourne * 1910-12-13 Pathé Frères NFSA no. 18471
Ben Hall and His Gang 1910   Pike & Cooper no. 11
Arrival of Prince Leopold of Battenberg at Government House, Adelaide 1910-12-17   1910-12-19
Henley-on-Torrens carnival, Adelaide 1910-12-17 Pathé Frères 1910-12-19
Drivers' strike procession, Adelaide 1910-12-18 Pathé Frères 1910-12-19
"Silver Chain" fund bazaar opened by Lady Strickland and party, Perth 1910-12-21 Pathé Frères  
Selling Christmas Bush outside the GPO, Sydney * 1910-12 Pathé Frères NFSA no. 74465
Snapshots of Xmas in Melbourne 1910-12 Pathé Frères
Beauty by Biograph competition 1910-12 West's Pictures
Trotting carnival, Belmore Park racecourse, Perth 1910-12-24 Pathé Frères
New South Wales v Victoria cricket match c. 1910-12-26 Pathé Frères
Christmas treat to the poor children of Sydney * 1910-12-26 Pathé Frères NFSA no. 74462
Perth racing carnival (WA Derby and Perth Cup) 1910-12-26 and 1910-12-28 Pathé Frères  
South Australia's 74th anniversary [at Glenelg] * 1910-12-28 Pathé Frères NFSA no. 74464
[Another] 1911-01-02
Prime Minister Andrew Fisher arrives at Melbourne from South Africa * 1910-12-29 Pathé Frères NFSA no. 74463
Defence training camp at Albury, NSW 1910-12 Pathé Frères  
Newport railway workshops, Melbourne 1910-12 Ernest H. Higgins  
Outside Hordern Brothers' Pitt St, Sydney store on Christmas eve * Probably 1901 – 1910   Part of NFSA no. 46031
[Unidentified items] * Probably 1901 – 1910   NFSA no's 46031, 236205, 395613

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