The Nazz

Back in the mid-1960s, a bunch of young, enthusiastic musicians got together as the band The Nazz. We were a garage band long before anyone came up with the term. Rehearsals were usually in a garage behind flats on Miller St, Cammeray, Sydney, though on some occasions we also practised on an open outside area above a pharmacy in the Cammeray shopping centre.

Who were we? I can't remember everyone's names, which is one of the reasons for putting up this Web page.
Colin Walker played drums.
Jeff Lowe? played bass.
Tony Martin-Jones played guitar.
Who was our organist?
And there was another member, I think lead singer.

The music? Covers of The Animals, The Beatles, The Animals, The Shadows, amongst others. (Did I mention The Animals?)

We didn't do many gigs - I only remember two or three. I have a poster for one.

If any former Nazz players are out there, please get in touch at tmj at apex dot net dot au.

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