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Pedophiles and Your Child.

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Canberra, Australia – The ICD-10 classifies pedophilia as “a sexual preference for children, boys or girls or both, usually of prepubertal or early pubertal age.” According to the FBI, 61% of rape victims are under age 18, and 29% are younger than 11. In Pedophiles and Your Child (published by Trafford Publishing) Peter H. Schmedding pens an insightful and educational look at pedophilia from a number of angles to better understand, and defend against, this endangering psychological disorder.

The structure of Pedophiles and Your Child is threefold. To begin, Schmedding writes a fictional story that is derived from a true-to-life experience that gives an example of how inappropriate attitudes and outdated practices can incidentally create a pedophile. Secondly, he takes a closer look inside the mind of the offender, and finally asks the question, “What about our children?” looking at how to decide what activities parents should allow them to take part in.Schmedding in no way condones or makes excuses for child molestation, but looks at the issue objectively from a number of varying perspectives in order to help best prepare readers against this worrisome issue.

"If my hunch is correct it appears that, at least in the long run, one measure to stem pedophilia is to take a new approach in the education of our children. When discarding outmoded beliefs and maintaining honesty in the facts of life from an early age becomes the norm we will have come a long way toward a future, sexually mature society where children grow up feeling safe. That, however, will find much opposition and controversy and take many years. As we are not willing to wait that long, how can we protect our children from harm – now?

Pedophiles and Your Child suggests ways for parents to give their children the best chance for feeling safe and to not be abused or exploited.

About the Author
Peter H. Schmedding’s lifelong fascination with the human mind began in his early childhood. Later in his life he studied and qualified in different approaches to mental health. After working with children to achieve their potential for over 25 years, now in his advancing years he spends most of his time in writing from the experiences of his life. This is Schmedding’s third book.

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Pedophiles and Your Child
Peter H. Schmedding
Trafford Publishing, 2011
1426991150, 9781426991158
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