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This is a short-time program to help the child gain a new outlook on life, enhance their self esteem and lead them toward a positive attitude toward education. Please click Underachievershere.

A program building a defence system in those who have become victims of a school bully. {lease click Defence against the bully

  • For Parents and Parents-to-be

This is a prepared awareness session that connects the (ever so often missing) link between the newly born and the effects of the environment on the personality years and decades later. Please click here Your Baby­s Secret Inner World

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    For Peter's brief resume please click here.

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      An introduction into electricity and related topics for our young people please click here.

      This series has been revised and replaced by the recently published book. For details and a sample of the text please click here

      At the time of writing the Festive Season is approaching once again. A time of joy for many.

      Do we, however, give a thought to those who at the moment are alive and well who would be horrified to suspect that after the holidays they spend their future maybe in a wheelchair or belong to those 50 or 60 who had become statistics leaving shocked relatives behind?

      Out of a range of contributing factors that lead to serious traffic accidents, one aspect appears to be paramount. That factor is commonly unrecognised, ignored and overshadowed by a "It doesn't happen to me" attitude. So it remains a secret that is never even considered.

      In this ten minute message I am using an excerpt from a session I presented in schools years ago. Undeniably, here we are exploring this one reason that leads the unwary to disaster, injury and death.

      Child poverty is a social problem that deserves our concern. But then, do not let us overlook the less obvious POVERTY OF THE CHILD'S MIND. A frank discussion on how a child's ability to reach his or her potential can be compromised or destroyed - or saved, maybe for an entire lifetime.

      How do we teach science and technology to children in a way that makes the experience unforgettable? How can we create enthusiasm for the world around us and keep it alive? First of all, make sure the child feels good when s/he is introduced to a new activity.

      This series has been revised and replaced by the recently published book. For details and a sample of the text please click PEDOPHILEShere.

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      "A composer in hiding."
      A selection of Peter's music.
      Peter performs live on his Kawai Organ: INTERLUDE.
      (this is an HD file that may take some time to download.)
      Please click here for some of Peter's short speeches.

      Articles continue.

      Those who follow various opinions in the media may be confused about the role that school education plays in our children's advancement. Is there a forgotten link?

      In our society, little thought is given to the prevention of future frustrations, marital discord, prevention even of unacceptable sexual activities that we may expect to read about in the newspapers, one day in the future. How do we communicate with our young on matters of sexual health and procreation?

      This is a synopsis of a saga that highlights the misunderstandings and suffering that may be the result when there is a lack of trusting communication between adults and children..

      Services in ACT | Electronics for Juniors | Who is Peter Schmedding?
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      Click for some of Peter's short speeches.

      Child Abuse Effects
      Identifies the four types of child abuse, including signs, effects and statistics for each. Details the impact on sexual abuse victims, profiles sex offenders, and provides a forum to write your own child abuse story.

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